While video promotion is an important part of any over-arching marketing campaign, LDP can work with you to develop a strategic plan that incorporates advertising, marketing, social media, publicity, and special events  to get you and your message the visibility you want.

It is important to start with a brand, an objective and a knowledge of your target audience. We can help you determine those starting points and then craft collateral and messaging to communicate effectively.

Bobbi Jo Astorga bio video with subtitles

Bobbi Jo Astorga Prepping a House for Sale Video

Bobbi Jo Astorga Home Tour Video

France Garner BIo Video with Subtitles

Frances Garner- Bonnie Baker Testimonial

704 West End Circle with Subtitles

"Branding is who I am.

I think I knew that before, but I just didn't

"get it"."

-Author Lauren Brandenburg