Image and Branding

"Look Good, Feel Good and people will respond to you and your message."


The reality is, people judge you by the way you look and the way you dress.  It doesn’t matter how profound or enlightening your message or point is, if you don’t look professional, you won’t be taken seriously.  I’ve interviewed many powerful, wealthy, highly intelligent people and some  look like they either haven’t slept in a month, haven’t shaved in a month, or haven’t done laundry in a month.   Their appearance takes away from their credibility.  For better or for worse, we live in an image-conscious society.  The sooner you embrace that, the better off you’ll be.

Dan Phillips
Women's Introduction
Importance of Good Fit
Finishing Touches
Men's Introduction
Men's Wardrobe
Making the Magic Happen

"I need to make sure when I leave the house I am looking my best and make a good impression"

-Author Bethany Kaczmarek